(#100DaysOfCode) The Madness Begins

So I did something possibly rather stupid today. I committed myself to the #100daysofcode challenge.

Day one actually starts tomorrow so I have a few hours of panic left whilst I figure out how the hell to find an extra hour a day in between a busy work schedule and family commitments. However it does motivate me to exorcize a dark idea in my head that I started to code for over a year ago and never really got very far with.

Let’s start with a Trello board to track my progress:-


The project is a science fiction / horror game set aboard a starship. I suck at CGI so it’s going to be mainly text based. It will be a mixture of rpg, strategy and choose your own adventure. I’ll be writing it in C#

Tomorrow I should have a bit bucket link for you, along with the first lines of code. See you then.

In the meantime follow me on twitter: https://www.twitter.com/mancer1927

4 thoughts on “(#100DaysOfCode) The Madness Begins

    1. This is a project I kinda kept trying to get off the ground but didn’t. Commiting to #100DaysOfCode has kept me focussed on this. I never got around to learning python but there isn’t anything here that couldn’t be rewritten in another language.

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    1. Thank you for your kind comments. This is actually just the basic theme that came with the free WordPress account I am using. I may have made some very slight modifications and added some widgets but all of this is available pretty much out of the box.


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