(#100DaysOfCode) – Week 3 (Days 14-25)

I am a little late with this week's blog entry. I had issues getting the parser to work and have been busy with another project that I was working on that is now available on itch.io:- Isolda's Eyes by Cybermancer Text based horror game written in Twine Play on Itch.Io Sticking the boot in Firstly, … Continue reading (#100DaysOfCode) – Week 3 (Days 14-25)

(#100DaysOfCode) – Week 2 (Days 7-13) – Converastion’s (Not Yet) Done

As I said in an earlier blog entry, I like Japanese heavy metal bands with female singers. Unfortunately, I don't understand Japanese, despite numerous attempts to start learning the language. So very few Japanese metal bands sing in English so when one does its a pleasant surprise. One such band is Soundwitch. I've been aware … Continue reading (#100DaysOfCode) – Week 2 (Days 7-13) – Converastion’s (Not Yet) Done

(#100DaysOfCode) Days Five and Six – Somebody Save Me

Funnily enough the above is the title of a very good song by Krypteria, but we aren't talking about that today. We are talking about game saving and loading. Also, a note to any readers. After today this blog will be updated on a weekly rather than a(n) (almost) daily basis. I'll still tweet about … Continue reading (#100DaysOfCode) Days Five and Six – Somebody Save Me

(#100DaysOfCode) Day Four – Getting Ready To Play the Game

Yesterday I said we would be back in the web app but it looks like that isn't going to happen now until day five. What I didn't realize was how much additional code I needed to write at the engine level to support storing of game data and rendering the now complete (if brief) biographies … Continue reading (#100DaysOfCode) Day Four – Getting Ready To Play the Game

(#100DaysOfCode) Day Three – You Get All Sorts of Characters Here

To prove I'm an (almost) human being I will occasionally let you know about things I like. Things that interest me. This may mean that from time to time posting links to artists or products or websites. I'd just like you to know that I am not endorsing any of these, nor am I receiving … Continue reading (#100DaysOfCode) Day Three – You Get All Sorts of Characters Here

(#100DaysOfCode) Day One – When the stars are(n’t) right!

As promised in the last blog post, here is the link to the bitbucket repo for the game project :- https://bitbucket.org/cybermancer1927/celestialaberration/src/master/ I'll mainly be working off the master branch. So no complex GIT commands are needed here. For anyone who is new to GIT there is a tutorial here - https://www.tutorialspoint.com/git/index.htm The above tutorial is … Continue reading (#100DaysOfCode) Day One – When the stars are(n’t) right!

(#100DaysOfCode) The Madness Begins

So I did something possibly rather stupid today. I committed myself to the #100daysofcode challenge. Day one actually starts tomorrow so I have a few hours of panic left whilst I figure out how the hell to find an extra hour a day in between a busy work schedule and family commitments. However it does … Continue reading (#100DaysOfCode) The Madness Begins